"Since starting at Village Fitness with Marnie two years ago I have experienced improved energy levels and confidence. The extensive program of classes allows me to find classes at times of the day to fit around family life".  Wendy Curtis Coronation Hall 




"After a lifetime of playing sport and generally active living, I approached 50 with the usual aches and pains and a very painful lower back that was beginning to restrict pretty much everything I wanted to do.  A search for an instant solution kept leading to the same response - "you need to strengthen your core - have you tried pilates?"  Finally managing to overcome my scepticism, I contacted Marnie 18 months ago and haven't looked back since.  Her approach is very thorough, ensuring that whatever exercise is being done is being done correctly, whilst keeping classes varied and fun.  She quickly tailors the level of the class to suit capability and then gradually increases the workload as ability improves.  Working with Village Fitness has made a huge difference to my physical well-being and I can't recommend Marnie highly enough." Steve Johnson Personal Training

"I have been coming to Marnie's Pilates class for several months now, recommended by a friend who attends, as I have a recurring lower backache. I have been enjoying Marnie's Pilates Classes, at the village hall - Boston Spa, for 8 years now, on a weekly basis. Marnie has managed, extra to her Pilates/fitness skills, to mould us into a very friendly, sociable group who look forward to meeting each week. She has a caring manner and with her consistent, reliable instruction, we all feel the continued benefit.  She watches us keenly and remembers each person "problems" and advises accordingly. During these years attending Marnie's class, I have had the misfortune to suffer 2 injuries (due to Osteo problems) and honestly feel my quick recovery in each case and my continued  agility, are due to the fitness and well-being I have gained at the classes." June Wade Boston Spa  

I have found it so helpful and it is making a big difference.  Marnie is so friendly and encouraging and seems to always know who has a problem with a particular part of their body, either a neck, shoulder, lower back etc and helps individuals to do as much as they can without overdoing it.  The group is a good size and the atmosphere very relaxed.  I really look forward to my Wednesday mornings now!!" Philippa Ferguson Boston Spa 

“I have been attending Pilates sessions with Marnie Reader from the 18th week of my pregnancy, and have found her to be an exceedingly good teacher with exactly the right amount of flexibility to cater for my needs and for the wide range of ages and abilities who attend the class. From the beginning, Marnie advised me to take my birthing ball/ and offered to supply a spare one for those of my friends who also wished to try out the session. She taught me exercises I could do with the ball or without it when class exercises were inappropriate for me and advised me on how to strengthen my back for later pregnancy. I was extremely grateful for this, as I have had severe back problems in the past, and am convinced that without this help I would have suffered a lot more throughout my pregnancy. I am now in my 40th week of pregnancy and looking forward to a Pilates session next week if my baby has not yet been born! Following Pilates classes has helped me feel energised on mornings when I struggled to get up at all. The relaxed atmosphere of Marnie’s classes has prevented me from feeling self-conscious when I’ve needed to rest (which I’ve needed less and less), or when I’ve needed an extra bathroom trip or two during the session! I ’m really looking forward to being able to follow the full range of exercises and getting fully back into shape after my six-week check". Katja Broadbent Great Ouseburn 

"I joined Marnie's first Pilates class at Boston spa Village hall 8 years ago and am still going weekly. If I have to miss one it makes me realise the benefits I receive by going. Pilates has increased my flexibility and core strength and balance. Marnie is not only an excellent teacher but also now a friend. I have made a lot of new friends at the classes and we continue to meet outside of these. Somehow Marnie is able to remember any problems any of us have and then adapts the exercise to suit that person. She introduces new exercises/moves progressing them when she feels we are ready, so always maintaining our interest. A truly enjoyable class".  Anita Watson Boston Spa