Zoom Pilates and Personal Training

Village Fitness is offering Zoom throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. 
Zoom sessions last for 1 Hour at various times during the week. Personal Training is customised to suit your needs. If you require a weights session then you will need the equipment necessary as I dont supply them

1 Zoom session per week £20 a month

2 Zoom sessions per week £40 a month

3 + Zoom sessions per week £45 a month

Zoom class times-

Monday 6.30pm

Tuesday 10.30am

Wednesday 9.30am

Thursday 6.30pm

Friday 10am

Christmas and Bank Holiday times will vary. 


If you have a medical condition or expecting please check with your doctor before partaking in any exercise. 


Personal Training £35 per one hour session. £320 for 10 sessions.