Why Men should do Pilates

Young men play rugby or football, when that is no longer an option they then tend to run, use the gym or bike or play golf. Pilates would help to keep them strong, flexible and improve their range of movement.


some of the most successful male athletes have turned to Pilates as a way to improve their performance. Tiger Woods has credited Pilates with aiding his own performance, delivering speed, strength and stability through his core – a crucial factor in the smooth rotation of a golfer’s swing.

David Beckham is another who took up Pilates during his playing career, maintaining a supple and injury-free body for 20 years as a world-class footballer.  

New Zealand All Blacks advocate Pilates. The number one side in the world rugby have found Pilates to offer significant benefits in maintaining fitness, improving stability and avoiding injury during the course of a long and brutal match.


Pilates was created by a man for men

Joseph Pilates. Pilates began developing the techniques and exercises that would later take his name more than 70 years ago. He was committed to developing a discipline for both sexes.


Pilates Is a total body workout

Many gym classes and exercise regimes focus on particular muscle groups and can neglect other, smaller groups. A core principle of Pilates is that the whole body requires conditioning

and balancing.


Builds core strength

Pilates exercises increase the strength of core muscles. A strong core improves stability and reduces pressure on the back and spine. For many practitioners it is considered the best way of getting an ab-tastic stomach.


Improved flexibility

Pilates aids the stretching and elongation of the muscles. This improves elasticity and mobility of joints, increasing range of motion. If you’re entering the twilight of your sporting career or just exercising to stay in shape through your later years, Pilates is ideal for keeping creaking joints and tight muscles at bay


Stress buster

Nobody likes stress yet modern life seems to be full of it. Pilates focuses on concentration, control and centring – a process which many find akin to meditation and gives them a greater understanding and feeling of oneness with their bodies. Emphasis is also placed on breathing, which can help with relaxation and calmness after a tough day.


Core strength, flexibility, balance, uniform development, and efficient movement patterns—all are hallmarks of Pilates training and highly relevant to men's fitness. The integrative component of Pilates can be especially beneficial for men, whose workouts often emphasize a part-by-part approach to muscular development, such as occurs in weightlifting.

Pilates, by contrast, emphasizes moving from the center of the body, the powerhouse and developing core strength in the deep muscles of the center to stabilize the trunk and protect the back.

The emphasis on core training makes Pilates an excellent technique for whole-body fitness, as well as a foundation for cross training with other kinds of sports and exercise. Increasing flexibility is a goal that Pilates addresses in a way that men often feel comfortable with. Pilates works toward functional fitness Which is, the ability to have the strength, balance, and flexibility that allows one to move through daily-life tasks with grace and ease. To this end, Pilates exercises do seek to increase flexibility and range of motion.


Tips for Men Who Are New to Pilates

The best way to start learning about Pilates is to come to a class or have a one to one Personal Training session

Village Fitness offers both these options and  although the classes are mainly filled with ladies we do have lots of male attendees also.

All my classes before the 15th February are on ZOOM due to lockdown but we will be back to a class situation ASAP.

I have an offer at the moment of first zoom Pilates free this includes PT. This is your chance to give it a go and dramatically increase your posture, flexibility,strength and mental wellbeing.


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